There is a Whatsapp group for the Parish - the purpose of the group is to allow people to share anything about life in the Parish they think others will be interested in. 

Please email for a link to join the group.  We don't post the link here as we've had problem with spamming in the past!

There are just a few rules:

  • Always keep in mind that a WhatsApp message will land into more than 100 people’s mobile phones, usually with a “ping”.   Please be selective about the messages you send and the time you send them.

  • If you need any kind of help or support please don’t think twice about using.

  • This is not a “rant and moan” channel – the notifications are too intrusive for that on Whatsapp, and there are sites like Facebook that are better designed for it.   

  • Be kind and courteous.  Treat everyone with respect. 

  • Swearing is not allowed.

  • Please use "Private Messages" rather than one-on-one conversations in the group.  Select the message, click more and then reply privately.  For example - if you're arranging to sell something, once initial contact has been made please sort the details out in a private chat.  Again - its the notifications going to lots of people!

And a few helpful tips:

  • Use the mute button if there’s a conversation you’re not interested in.   You can mute your group notifications for a few hours.
  • Remember not everyone can see your name or know who you are unless you have set it up on your profile / privacy settings (cog in the bottom right hand corner)